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MILONGA Puerto Pesca - Vol 3

Milonga is an Argentine tango dance and socializing event / evening. The place Harbor Bar & Bistro is right next to the Kalasatama Metro station, Työpajankatu 13 A. Satama Bar & Bistro serves snacks and drinks during the evening. 

There are two classes given by Nadia Tapia (CL) and Luis Angel Rojas (AR). The first class is Argentine Tango at 18:00 and the second is Zamba at 19:00.

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The Milonga starts at 20.00- 00.00 on Saturday 10th October. There is an entrance fee of 5 € to be paid at the door. DJ is Daniel ElDuring the milonga our Maestros Nadia and Luis will perform a Show.

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The foundations of the tango that we dance today were created by social dancers ("milongueros") who have influenced in many ways what we see today in the dance floor. However, back in the day, an important element of the dance was to have the capacity to create personal combinations. And so, it is often said that everyone danced differently. Instead of searching for perfection, a core value was originality in the dance floor.

In this cycle we explore signature steps of different old milongueros. Each lesson will focus in one milonguero. Each lesson include not only what we will do in the class, but also material that we will be sending online where you will be able to see these amazing dancers in action.

Individual lesson: 15 euros per person. You can also use a 5-time pack (60 euros) to pay for the cycle.

Registrations: https://forms.gle/AxcX22fdXA2nfZ5Z6 


This cycle is intended for experience followers (followers who have been dancing for at least one year or more, and are able to dance with different leaders in a milonga) who want to learn how to lead.


We will use the skills you have already developed as a follower to initiate you in the leading. The course asumes no previous knowledge as a leader. The fact that all participants are experienced followers will also make it easier to practice, so we will change roles during the course in order to help each other in the learning process. 

The course is focused on the technical aspects of the dance as well as other aspects that are relevant for the leading role (e.g. musicality, floor craft).

You can attend with a partner (another follower who wants to learn how to lead) or by yourself. For the safety of everyone we will form couples or croups of 4 people to practice the different exercises.

This cycle should be taken as a pack since lessons build up on one another. There is a maximum of 16 people per session, so previous registration is advised. 

Individual lesson: 15 euros per person; You can also use a 5-time pack (60 euros) to pay for the cycle.

Registrations: https://forms.gle/vVvnFrZrHoFF2DDq8

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